Counter Service

> > > Mme Menard

Queen's Department of Drama | written by Michel Tremblay | directed by Craig Walker

It is a hot summer evening in Montreal. The city is seething with discontent over stalled lives and dim prospects. The neighbourhood women of la rue Fabre gather on their balconies to distract themselves with gossip and bickering. Meanwhile, across the city, on la Main, women are pitted against each other to compete for the "best" jobs by any means they can. This is a city on the brink of rebellion. Michel Tremblay's Counter Service is set in 1969, when tensions were rising all over Quebec and the "Quiet Revolution" was about to erupt in violence, but the play also seems to speak to us about the protests in Montreal during the summer of 2012.        

Nov 7-17, 2012 | The Rotunda Theatre, Kingston, ON