Written and Performed by Augusto Bitter
Directed by Claren Grosz

A Presentation by Theatre Passe Muraille and Pencil Kit Productions with the support of Aluna Theatre, March 7-24, 2019 at the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace

CHICHO is a one-man show written and performed by Augusto Bitter. The titular character, an ashamed-queer-Catholic-man-boy from Venezuela, attempts to feel beautiful despite his warring identity politics. His journey is freckled with appearances from a host of other vibrant characters: Chichi the sinisterly charismatic Latin game show host, Aguacate the seductive and wise avocado, Chad the hip young Canadian priest and more. CHICHO is the story of a diasporic experience, and meticulously presents the disparity between Chicho's queer-ibbean coming-of-age journey in Canada and the worsening socioeconomic crisis in Venezuela. 

Augusto Bitter - Creator + Performer
Claren Grosz - Director
Elyse Waugh - Stage Manager
Deanna H. Choi - Sound Design
Guiseppe Condello - Lighting + Projections
Jivesh Parasram - Dramaturgy