Honour Beat

Written by Tara Beagan | Directed by Michelle Thrush

Produced by Theatre Calgary

Two grown sisters face off over their mother's death-bed. Together they confront one another, their own identities, and what will remain when their mom leaves this world. A contemporary look at the significance of faith and family - this play will leave you laughing through your tears as these women grapple with one of life's most difficult inevitabilities. Internationally acclaimed Calgary-based playwright Tara Beagan brings her distinct voice to Theatre Calgary for the first time, directed by film and TV favourite Michelle Thrush.

Family is universal, and the complex stories of family have been told by generations throughout the decades. Honour Beat is a touching and humorous play that reminds us that relationships within families are fragile, forgiving, and most importantly, resilient.

- Stafford Arima

Dramaturg - Jenna Turk

Set and Video - Andy Moro

Lighting - Patrick Beagan

Costume - Jeff Chief

Composer - Pura Fé

Sound - Deanna H. Choi


Rae - Tracey Nepinak

Mom - PJ Prudat

Anna - Monique Mojica

Spanish - Bernard Starlight