Written by Jane Doe, Directed by Andrea Donaldson
A Nightwood Theatre production in association with Crow’s Theatre
January 8-26, 2019 at Streetcar Crowsnest (345 Carlaw Ave)

Grace by Jane Doe from Nightwood Theatre on Vimeo.

Exquisitely told in a stunning blend of documentary theatre, striking visual projections and choreography, Grace is a searing piece that ignites a pertinent discussion on the failures and limitations of the legal system. “There was no justice, there was just a legal outcome.” In the wake of a young woman’s disclosure of childhood sexual assault, a family presses charges. A true story about survival, hope, and the pursuit of justice at a time when provability still usurps truth in our courtrooms.

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From having first developed the piece through Nightwood Theatre’s Write From The Hip play development program, we are deeply proud to present the World Premiere of Grace. “In the #MeToo era, Grace instigates a brutally honest and pertinent discussion about the failure of our legal system by reframing the conversation to involve our lawmakers,” says Kelly Thornton, Artistic Director of Nightwood Theatre. “At a time when too many survivors seeking justice are faced with the insurmountable challenges of provability, we are proud to further this discussion with our art.”