Written by Falen Johnson & Jessica Carmichael | Directed by Jessica Carmichael

“The Great Spirit made all things. He supplied these grounds with game, and gave them to his red children; and he gave them strength and courage to defend them.” -Tecumseh

The history of the Kettle and Stoney Point people goes back to time immemorial. The land along the shores of Lake Huron is home to hundreds of traditional medicines, as well ceremonial spaces, and burial grounds. After the war of 1812 the Chippewa’s of Kettle and Stony Point were granted, by the crown, lands along Lake Huron for their service. By 1929 much of the beach front property of Kettle and Stony Point was sold by the Indian Agent without permission from the community.  

In 1942 under the War Measures Act, the National Department of Defense expropriated 2400 acres of the Stoney Point people’s territory. Families were moved to nearby Kettle Point. This move allowed for the creation of Camp Ipperwash, a training base for Canadian soldiers that was promised to return to the people of Stony Point after World War II. It took over 70 years for that promise to be fulfilled. Now that the land has been returned, the process of decontamination and healing has begun. 

Ipperwash co-written by Falen Johnson (Mohawk/Tuscarora) and Jessica Carmichael (Abenaki) tells the story of resistance, resilience, and reclamation.