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Fifth Company Lane Productions  | written by Wajdi Mouawad | translated by Linda Gaboriau | directed by Devon Jackson

What are lines? Family, storytelling, roots or routes?

"A mother falls into complete silence. Upon her death, her twin children are asked to uncover the source of that silence. They must find the father they never knew, and the brother they never knew they had. Their journey begins in Montreal but the answers lie in the rubble of a war-torn desert." --Playwrights Canada Press

with Jaedie Samson as Nawal (ages 14-19) | Alexandra Miminisas Nawal (ages 40-45)/Jihane Shalon Webber-Heffernanas Nawal (ages 60-65)/Nazira Ian Grant as Alphonse Lebel | Madeleine Schaefer-Scovil as Janine Noah Freedman asSimon/Wahab Feerass Ellid as Nihad/Ralph Daniela Cerrone asElhame/Sawda Joel Marcus as Antoine/Doctor/ Photographer /Chamseddine/Tour Guide / Janitor / Abdessamad/ Militiman / Malak